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We now can ship ALL SANUM products.

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Customers throughout the world have been calling and e-mailing us, wondering why certain SANUM products were not available on After all, these products are from Germany and SANUM is a German company. The secret is easily revealed by going to - then selecting the British flag to make the information available in English and then selecting 'products'. When scrolling through various product names, you can see the words 'no registration in Germany'. It simply means that without registration in Germany, SANUM can not sell these products to practitioners or pharmacies in Germany. But other countries in Europe and outside Europe have different rules and regulations. 

That's how it happens that SANUM can sell products that are not registered in Germany to pharmacies in some other European countries and the pharmacy in Germany can then re-import from the pharmacy in the other country. Since everyone needs to make their profit and shipping it back to Germany costs money too, it makes these re-imported products more expensive.

Although it also adds a few more days to transit time and cost is higher, at least all products are available again. 

So, the good news is that we now have all SANUM products available on We were able to find a source in another European country that is willing to ship - even small orders - to us in Germany and we can then ship to you.

There is one other challenge - and that is that some SANUM products had different names - depending where they were sold. These products generally started with the letters 'PLEO'. Most practitioners worldwide know the original (German) name for PLEO names, but to make it easier, I posted a Pleo Name to Sanum Name conversion chart.