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SANUM PLEO NAME to GERMAN NAME conversion chart

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Pleo German
Pleo-ALB Albicansan
Pleo Alkala N

Pleo Alkala N

Pleo ART 'A' Arthrokehlan 'A'
Pleo ART 'U' Arthrokehlan 'U'
Pleo CAL Calvakehl
Pleo CERIVI Cerivikehl
Pleo CHELATE No German
Pleo CHRYS Chrysocor
Pleo CITRO Citrokehl
Pleo CUP Cuprukehl
Pleo EX Exmykehl
Pleo FORM Formasan
Pleo FORT Fortakehl
Pleo GINKGO Ginkgobakehl
Pleo GRIF Grifokehl
Pleo LARI Larifikehl
Pleo LAT Latensin
Pleo LEPTU Leptucin
Pleo MUC Mucokehl
Pleo MUC EX Mucokehl Atox
Pleo MUCEDO Mucedokehl
Pleo MUSCAR Muscarsan
Pleo NIG Nigersan
Pleo NIG EX Nigersan Atox
Pleo NOT Notakehl
Pleo NOTA-QUENT Notakehl-Quentakehl
Pleo OKU Okoubasan
Pleo ORYZAE Sanoryzae
Pleo PEF Pefrakehl
Pleo PIN Pinikehl
Pleo POLY Polysan
Pleo QUENT Quentakehl
Pleo REB Rebas
Pleo REC Recarcin
Pleo RELIVORA Relivora
Pleo RUB Ruberkehl
Pleo SAN ACNE Sanukehl Acne
Pleo SAN BRUCEL Sanukehl Brucel
Pleo SAN CAND Sanukehl Cand
Pleo SAN COLI Sanukehl Coli
Pleo SAN KLEBS Sanukehl Klebs
Pleo SAN MYC Sanukehl Myc
Pleo SAN PROT Sanukehl Prot
Pleo SAN PSEU Sanukehl Pseu
Pleo SAN SALM Sanukehl Salm
Pleo SAN SERRA Sanukehl Serra
Pleo SAN STAPH Sanukehl Staph
Pleo SAN STREP Sanukehl Strep
Pleo SAN TRICH Sanukehl Trich
Pleo SAN GER Sanumgerman
Pleo SANCOM Sancombi/Sankombi
Pleo SANUVIS Sanuvis
Pleo SELENE Selenokehl
Pleo SPERMUS Leptospermusan
Pleo STOLO Stolonikehl
Pleo STROPH Strophanthus
Pleo THYM Thymokehl
Pleo USNEA Usneabasan
Pleo USTI Ustilakehl
Pleo UT Utilin
Pleo UT 'S' Utilin 'S'
Pleo VER Verrukehl
Pleo ZINC Zinkokehl

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