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Shipment from Germany is by Deutsche Post (International Air Mail when outside Europe). Shipping charges are in USDollars. Weights shown are estimated shipping weights provided by the manufacturer and do not reflect the content weight. We do not compensate for variations. Shipping time can be anywhere from  two to eight weeks depending on the season and country. Packages up to 2 Kilos (approx. 4.4 pounds) are frequently received in two weeks. Over two Kilos usually takes four weeks or more. To speed up shipping we frequently split heavy shipments into two or more smaller packages (below 2 kilos each). In this case we will notify you.

Please note that customs inspections and your country's Postal Service can delay a shipment and that this is beyond our control. By placing your order, you accept the (rare) possibility of a delay by several weeks or total loss. Loss is rare but possible. Customer assumes all risk of loss. Customer has the option to purchase insurance (up to a maximum of US $3000) - select on end of shopping cart.If you purchase insurance and package does not arrive within the time frame set by the international postal regulations (8 weeks), a replacement will be shipped or purchase fully refunded. 

When your order is received by us, you receive an e-mail confirmation. You will also receive a notification when the item is shipped. Usually the order will leave Germany within two working days after placing your order - unless item is out of stock and/or has to be special ordered. All shipments are sent registered mail with tracking number.

Please note: Some countries do not participate in the electronic tracking system (EMS), and electronic (website) tracking may end at the border of your country. However, registered mail still is special processed and requires a signature upon delivery.

Shipping Charges(1.4):

Up to 400 Grams                          US$14.20

up to 800 Grams                           US$19.55

to 1700 Grams                              US$35.60

to 4 Kilo                                         US$70.25

to 8 Kilo                                         US$97.25

to 16.0 Kilo                                    US$104.25

to 24 Kilo                                       US$179.25

Weights above are calculated by considering the weight of box and packaging materials. For example: Product weight = 400g, Box = 100g. Total 500g=$14.20 shipping. All above prices include special packing (handling) and tracking charges.