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It is important to us that our customers comply with their country's customs and import regulations. However we are aware that it is very difficult to find out what can and what can not be imported into your country for personal use. So far we have shipped our products from Germany to over seventy countries worldwide and we attribute the reliability and quality of our German products to the fact that only one shipment in thousands have ever been confiscated and not allowed in a country (Canada). It had an ingredient that is considered harmless in Germany and allowed in most countries but not in Canada. Of course, neither we nor the customer can know this until it comes to the test. 
We then put a notice on the product site that this product is not allowed into Canada.We have started to acquire as much information as possible from official sites and we also rely on our customers' experience. As time goes on, we will add customs and import information of more and more countries as this information becomes available. We are also attempting to contact customs in every country we ship to and hope to get a response. We are also searching the internet for answers.
Please note that many products we sell are not health products and therefore may not be restricted at all from import to your country. It is also very important to know that we do not sell prescription drugs or 'controlled substances'.
We have researched official websites and found no information regarding import of Over The Counter Health products for personal use. In the over 5 years that we have shipped orders to USA customers, there were inspections by customs, but not one shipment has been prohibited from entering the USA. We found the following notice on a US Embasssy website. Although it is for travelers, we could assume that similar rules apply to such items mailed for personal use:
Non-prescription medicines (also known as over-the-counter or OTC medicines), vitamins, and supplement products fall under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In general FDA will not object to the personal importation of those products, as long as : The traveler is carrying the products in their possession (or in their luggage); The amount being carried is an amount reasonably considered for personal use. For additional information please consult the FDA Consumer Alert webpage via the following link:
We hope to get some clear answers from USA customs eventually, if such specific regulations exist.
Customs inspection in Australia appears to be more frequent, but here also - all shipments have been allowed into the country without objection.
There is also a rule of a 3-month supply of supplements. We find Australia rules one of the most clear and generous. Here is their website:
Although shipments to Israel can be delayed by many weeks - probably because of security inspection - we find that Israel customs has allowed every shipment into the country, in some cases collecting customs duty and sales tax. It appears that this depends on the value of the merchandise.
Canada inspects imports frequently but here, also, except for one shipment all were allowed into the country - some also after paying a small tax or duty. With the help of a customer, we have received extensive information from Canada:
Over the Counter Drugs (OTC) Individuals are permitted to import a single course of treatment or a 90-day supply based on the directions for use, whichever is less, of an Over the Counter Drug.
The drug must be for the individual’s own personal use or for the use of a person for whom they are responsible and with whom they are travelling.
The drug must be shipped/carried in one of the following:
  • Hospital or pharmacy dispensed packaging;
  • Original retail packaging; or
  • have the original label affixed to it which clearly indicates what the health product is and what it contains.
Below are some links to Canada Health Websites:
We have not experinced any prohibition by Mexico customs. Even larger shipments with a variety of Health and beauty products for personal use have been processed quickly by Mexico customs.
Brazil shipments are frequently delayed by several weeks in customs but have so far always been forwarded to customers without problems.
We will continue to add information of more countries below, as it becomes available.
Please help us find and send to us your countries import regulations and report to us any duty or taxes you have to pay - if any.
Unfortunately we have experienced that Norway rejects pretty much every over the counter product if it does not have Norwegian language inserts and is not registered in Norway. That makes pretty much every product impossible to ship. Even simple Aspirin would not get into Norway if it is not labeled in Norwegian language. This makes it pretty much the only country on the planet that is so restrictive.
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