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COVID-19 Information

INFORMATION on how Paul'sMart Europe is affected by our current Worldwide COVID-19

Due to the current health situation in the World and the uncertainty for large parts of the population, we are dealing with a large volume of orders and at the same time moment by moment changes from Postal Service regulations all over the world.

  • When you place an order, you will have to agree to the 'terms and conditions', which includes this COVID-19 information, by entering a check mark in the small box. This agreement states that you agree to this COVID information. For our customers' convenience, we will keep all orders open for 24 hours to allow for cancellations. After that you order will be processed and it is too late to cancel.
  • There are some countries and zip codes to which we currently can not ship because of mail suspensions or severe restrictions by the German Post. If we can not ship to you, we will let you know immediately and refund your order in full. 

Product Availability:

  • The availability of products is constantly changing. In some cases as we are seeing all over the world in grocery stores etc. the replenishment of all kinds of goods is currently larger than manufacturers can pump goods into the supply chain. We may begin to see back-orders in some products. We will keep you updated here if this becomes significant.
    We are ALL working to ensure that the available goods can be delivered as quickly as possible from the manufacturer all the way to you as the customer.
  • After we process your order, if your products are not available or on a significant back-order (more than a few days), we will let you know by email. We will email you to ask if you’d like to wait or if you’d like us to cancel and refund your order. Please note: once your order is placed we can not refund it while waiting on your products from the manufacturer. At the time we order your product from the manufacturer the money is already in use.
  • If the items you have ordered are no longer available in the ordered quantity (for example 30 tablets) , our employees will always try to provide you with a replacement of smaller quantities (3 x 10 tablets= 30 tablets) that add up to your required quantity.  We ask for your understanding.


  • Due to the current restrictions with postal services, there are many regulations that we are aware of but also ones that we may not be aware of at this time that may come up day by day!
  • We are diligently watching what is happening with Postal Services worldwide.
  • We have found an alternative service to ship parcels to countries we are able to, however, please remember there will be a significant delay. We are making it our first priority to make sure that your parcel arrives. Unfortunately, we have no control over time frame.
  • Rest assured we have done our work to find the best possible solution for shipping to the countries we are able to! 
  • You will receive a Order CONFIRMATION email to confirm your order was placed and then you will receive an Order SHIPPED email as soon as the Parcel has shipped. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The alternative shipping method we are using does NOT provide tracking numbers. For your peace of mind, you can purchase insurance at checkout. With this insurance, should your order not arrive in 8 weeks you can contact us and we will file a claim.

Delivery time:

  • Unfortunately, you currently MUST assume a standard delivery time (order shipment to delivery) of approx. 4 weeks (can become longer dependent on the Worldwide Postal System).

Your Orders’ personal information:

  • Please check your personal details regarding the email address, delivery address and the desired items thoroughly BEFORE placing your Order. This avoids mistakes and, therefore, unnecessary additional work. IF we need to communicate with you, we will do so by email. Please make sure your email is VALID and check your spam in the case our emails land there! (you can add our email address to your contacts to avoid this)



Unfortunately, we are also affected by the fact that employees are temporarily or completely absent due to the closure of schools, self- quarantine needs etc. So that we continue to provide excellent customer service, we also need your help!

  • Avoid unnecessary emails and telephone inquiries to our customer service such as questions regarding when your order will ship (it will ship as soon as possible, we promise!), what your tracking number is (there is not one!) or even a suggestion of how else you think we could ship (there are no other options right now!).. . almost all answers can already be read on our website. Also, please use common sense. Please inform yourself, be patient and understand we are doing the best we can to serve you. We really appreciate your consideration.

Please know as a collective people we must be in this together and practice patience more than ever, in all areas. 
Thank you for allowing us to serve you even as things are a bit chaotic in our world. We appreciate you.